BerlinCaseViewer – now also for large screens in the Mac App Store

Do you want to experience our app on the big screen? Well, we haven’t exactly made it to the movies or on television yet. However, the BerlinCaseViewer is now available for the Mac in addition to the iPhone and iPad. 

BerlinCaseViewer now also for the Mac

Our image-based radiological case collection impresses, among other things, with its high resolution and explanatory colored overlays. But can you really enjoy that on your mobile device? Most of our users are currently using their iPhone to study our cases because many just don’t have an iPad. Why should you? A tablet means extra weight that you have to carry around with you every day. The smartphone is of course more handy, but also smaller. Many, however, often already have a Mac at home or at work. 

That is why we received a number of requests to prepare the BerlinCaseViewer for the Mac. Our developers have made this wish come true, and you can now quiz your way through our cases on the big screen of your MacBook or desktop Mac. The new app version projects the functions you are familiar with on a small scale to the large screen. 

How to get the new app

Open the Mac App Store on your MacBook or Mac. Search for “BerlinCaseViewer” and download the app. Or use this link! Make sure that you are logged in with the same Apple ID that you use on your iPhone or iPad. Then open the app on your MacBook or Mac, switch to the SHOP tab, and update the case collection by clicking on the circular arrow in the upper right corner. All modules that you are already using will appear on your new device. 

Work the cases on the Mac

You are currently still working on cases independently on each and every device. We are already working on the sync function so that you’ll be able to take your work progress with you wherever you go. This will enable you to switch seamlessly between iPhone, iPad, and Mac to pick up where you left off. Because maybe you have already solved a few multiple-choice questions on the iPhone during your lunch break and would like to continue with the detailed image analysis on the big Mac screen at home. Our team is already on it to make this possible.

Discover our radiology learning app in a big way

For all those who have so far hesitated to study our modules on the small display and those who want to go into every detail, we now offer interactive learning in a large format. Try it out on your Mac right now! And don’t forget to give us feedback in the Mac App Store. Your comments help us make the BerlinCaseViewer even better in the future.


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