New module: Case of the Month “Cardio/Pulmo”

The heart and lungs work as a team to keep us alive. In the second issue of Case of the Month, we focus on these two organs. The new radiology module “Cardio / Pulmo” is all about cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

New radiology module: What to expect

As with the module on musculoskeletal diseases, we have prepared three cases that invite you to take a closer look at the lungs and heart. As usual, you can download the cases to further your radiology training in the shop of the BerlinCaseViewer app for free. This time under: Case of the Month “Cardio / Pulmo”. Every month we add a new case and remove the oldest. 

Case of the Month in the light of COVID-19 and other lung diseases

We start off with two cases from the radiologists Fabio Macori from Rome (Italy) and Yuranga Weerakkody from Perth (Australia). The first case study shows the course of a patient with COVID-19 who combines all the typical signs of this lung disease. We have added a total of five CT examinations with multiple-choice questions, color overlays, and references to current literature. 

A second case visualizes a young patient from Italy with pronounced lung changes, which could only be resolved through an intensive anamnestic questioning – with a surprising result! That’s why we don’t want to reveal any more here. 

Case of the month on cardiac imaging

The third case comes from the radiologist Alexander Lembcke, who specializes in cardiac imaging at the Berlin Charité. He brings a cardiac computed tomography of a patient with an aneurysm of the aorta with him, in which we have worked out the peculiarities of the branches of the coronary vessels. 

Download it now for free in the BerlinCaseViewer app

Take a look at the three cases for yourself and download the Case of the Month module “Cardio / Pulmo” in the shop of our app! Which case do you like best? Which radiology topic would you like to learn more about from us? Leave a comment. Do you have a case that you would like to present in our app? Then get in touch with us by email!


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