On-site Training

On-site courses are the mainstay of our training activities. Each year we run between 20 and 30 courses. These are conducted by our own instructors or we lend our technology to external events. Usually sponsors from the pharmaceutical industry use our platform, so that the participants pay no or only a small fee to attend.


Our on-site courses focus strongly on musculoskeletal imaging, especially on the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases. Teams consisting of one rheumatologist and one radiologist each have proven successful in answering both clinical and technical questions. In practice diagnoses are often made interdisciplinarily, connecting radiology and rheumatology.

Axial SpA – Basics

Introduction to the diagnosis of spondyloarthritis with a focus on sacroiliac joints and early diagnosis

Axial SpA – Spine and SIJ

Basic course in spine imaging for spondyloarthritis with sacroiliac joints taken into account

Axial SpA – Intermediate

Advanced course with more sophisticated consideration of the sacroiliac joints and a broad range of differential diagnoses

Axial SpA –Advanced

Complementary course on spine imaging in spondyloarthritis with difficult differential diagnoses

Axial and peripheral SpA Combo

Frequent manifestations of axial (sacroiliac joint, spine) and peripheral spondyloarthritis (ankle and foot enthesitis)

Peripheral SpA

Enthesitis in peripheral spondyloarthritis (anterior chest wall, hip, knee joint, ankle joint, foot) and corresponding differential diagnoses

Peripheral arthritis – Basics

Basic course in rheumatoid arthritis: X-ray and MRI of peripheral joints easily explained

Peripheral arthritis – Intermediate

Advanced course on peripheral joints: Multimodal imaging of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, chondrocalcinosis and other differential diagnoses

Knee: Arthritis and its differentials

Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and peripheral SpA with differential diagnoses such as osteidosteoma, meniscus damage, gonarthrosis and sports-related overuse

Ankle and foot: Arthritis and its differentials

Pathologies of the entheses at the calcaneus, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis as well as bone marrow infarction and gout – a diverse mixture!

All courses are designed to last from 2.5 to 3 hours.​ Please ​contact us​ for more information and pricing.