About - BerlinFlame GmbH

Our company was founded in 2005 with the aim of being a multidisciplinary study center in Berlin and a central point of contact for patient acquisition, implementation and evaluation of Phase II and Phase III studies. Initially founded as a project of the three departments Gastroenterology, Rheumatology and Dermatology of the Charité University Hospital, BerlinFlame GmbH now focuses on the field of rheumatology.

On-site Training

In addition, BerlinFlame GmbH supports national and international educational events for physicians. In order to present new treatment strategies for chronic inflammatory diseases we have designed practical workshops, taking up-to-date medical findings into account. With effects and side effects of chronic inflammatory diseases in mind, we aspire to improve patient care.

Exchange of Expert Experience In Berlin

 The exchange of experience with international decision-makers (Preceptorships) is another pillar of our company, which we carry out together with experts from the Charité University Hospital. For our customers we take care of accommendation and other organisational matters, like catering and contract processing with the speakers.

The App – BerlinCaseViewer

 Since 2014 we have been using iPads for our courses. Rooted in an interactive teaching approach, we have designed a tailor-made app to convey radiological knowledge in an innovative way. This has resulted in the third pillar of our company, the development of app- and web-based solutions for medical education, with the BerlinCaseViewer app at its center.