Learn Interpreting Medical Images with BerlinCaseViewer

BerlinCaseViewer takes medical training in radiology from the lecture hall to your iPhone and iPad. The app offers a unique learning experience based on genuine cases with authentic medical image data sets directly on your device.

The Making of the App

In the field of rheumatology, we are confronted with complex cases every day. Both rheumatology and radiology are therefore closely linked fields that call for an interdisciplinary approach in patient care. To convey medical knowledge efficiently to students and experts alike, we were in need of an interactive training tool. But at the outset, no comprehensive solution could be found that would meet all of our demands.

So we paved the way for an all-in-one solution suitable both for on-site courses and e-learning: the BerlinCaseViewer for iPad.

In contrast to many other medical training applications, the BerlinCaseViewer app is developed directly by the people who know best about medical imaging – radiologists!

We have been developing and testing the app since 2014. Every aspect of our workshops was thoroughly analyzed and later successfully integrated into the app. We have used the BerlinCaseViewer since in more than 130 hands-on courses around the world. 

Our app-based training system does not merely showcase X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound images, but gives participants the chance to put their radiology knowledge directly to the test.

So, every time we wrapped up, students asked if they could download the app. Thus we made our app ready for the public market. Initially, we only released the app for iPad that we have been using in courses for many years. But soon, we realized, people were keen on an even more portable solution. Hence we bundled our resources and created a whole new learning experience for the iPhone.

Now the BerlinCaseViewer offers a blend of radiological images complete with clinical information, as you would otherwise only find in hospital systems. With interactive voice-overs you fit your professors right into your mobile device to work your way through realistic cases and learn on the go.

Included Features of BerlinCaseViewer

Get your iPhone or iPad ready for the next generation of professional training and learn all about interpreting medical images!

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The people behind the project

Kay G. Hermann

Professor of Radiology at the University Hospital Charité, Berlin, Germany

Joachim Sieper

Professor Emeritus of Rheumatology, Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Germany

Martin Fischer

IT expert and software specialist

Razvan Radu

IT expert and specialist for mobile apps

Denis Poddubnyy

Professor of Rheumatology, Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Germany

Andreas Dittberner

Marketing guru and graphic artist

Nikolay N. Tonkof

Design artist and user interface expert

Eva Reidemeister