Best New Radiology Software: BerlinCaseViewer is runner-up at the 2021 EuroMinnies Awards

On February 25th, the platform awarded the best radiological achievements of 2020. A community of over 31,000 members could suggest nominations in eight categories, ranging from “Most Influential Radiology Researcher” to “Best New Radiology Vendor”. A committee decided who would move on into the final. Then the news at the end of 2020: The BerlinCaseViewer, with its free module on COVID-19 pneumonia, first made it onto the shortlist for “Best New Radiology Software” and eventually reached the final.

The BCV in competition together with 14 other nominees

A total of 15 projects were shortlisted for “Best New Radiology Software”. Among them were well-known companies such as Siemens Healthineers, Agfa, Fujifilm, Hologic and TeraRecon – and us from Berlin. A jury of experts took a close look at all the candidates and decided which two projects would make it to the final. 

In the last round, the Advanced Visualization Workspace – IntelliSpace Portal 12 from Philips Healthcare and the COVID-19 quiz module from BerlinCaseViewer went head-to-head. In the end, the Dutch company took the trophy home, and we congratulate them on their win. For us, it is a win just the same, as we are proud to stand on the podium, being runner-up in this selection.

About: How the BerlinCaseViewer app helps diagnose and treat COVID-19

Early on in 2020, we decided to shift focus on the novel coronavirus with our imaging app in order to make a contribution. One of the challenges that the pandemic has posed and still poses is to distinguish the COVID-19 pneumonia from other lung diseases. 

Besides the PCR test, the Fleischner Society therefore recommends the use of CT imaging, especially if the patient’s condition deteriorates. Certain patterns distinguish COVID-19 from other inflammatory and non-inflammatory lung diseases on CT. Provided, of course, that one recognizes the specific phenomena. 

For an international cooperation, the radiologist Kay G. Hermann from BerlinCaseViewer has brought experts to the team: The lung radiologist Fabio Macori provided the Italian population with timely and precise diagnostics and made relevant image data sets available for the BCV case collection. The Australian radiologist Yuranga Weerakkody with thoracic sub-specialization and an enthusiasm for electronic teaching methods has contributed his know-how. Together we developed an interactive quiz format for the app with 19 cases, including differential diagnoses. 

Doctors all over the world can use this to sharpen their eye for the relevant radiological signs of COVID-19 free of charge. You can download the BCV app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac for free in the App Store and Mac App Store

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