How to learn with TikTok and BerlinCaseViewer: Radiology in your feed

“Are you on TikTok?,” that is what students ask each other. After all, Generation Z makes up a large chunk of the community, and amusing clips for entertainment in less than 60 seconds are fun. Hence, the self-declared mission of the content platform: “to inspire creativity and bring joy.”

But what about doctors and professors? Can they find a place between dance videos, lipsync and crazy challenges? Of course, because #LearnOnTikTok has been trending for a while. BerlinCaseViewer now also posts radiology content on TikTok. Find out what awaits you.

#LearnOnTikTok: Brevity is the soul of wisdom

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, learning has shifted from the lecture hall to the living room. This trend also left its mark on what is arguably the most successful social platform for short videos. TikTok has been investing more in educational content since June 2020 and is promoting it with #LearnOnTikTok. With the app, bits of knowledge land directly on your display at home.

The campaign is well-received by the community, which, by the way, is more mixed than one might expect. The start-up guru and tech fanboy Frank Thelen teaches business, finance and renewable energies on TikTok. The well-known math rock star Daniel Jung, with his mini videos, breaks down complex formulas into understandable numerical know-how. Doctor Mike packs medical expertise into funny memes and reaction videos. Now the BerlinCaseViewer is also stepping in with radiology matters.

The art behind the tutorials, how-tos and learning content? To chase facts across the display in less than 60 seconds – often only within 15 to 30 seconds.

What microlearning can and cannot do

Learning with snippets of knowledge is not a new phenomenon. As early as the 19th century, people were concerned with how best to internalize and memorize content – and how the forgetting curve works. Roughly speaking, lessons that we had in mind a few minutes ago are soon out of mind again. That’s just the way it is. Only a fraction of what was originally learned remains in the memory. The key to learning success is above all repetition – preferably in bits and pieces.

This is exactly where the learning snippets on TikTok come in. They do not claim to replace conventional cramming at the desk. But they can complement it sensibly and inspire fun, thus keep your motivation high – even while studying at home.

BerlinCaseViewer on TikTok

Our video content can be easily shared and invites you to hit “play” every now and then. If you want to go deeper, simply switch from the video platform to the BCV app and dive into the cases there. Interactive quizzes accompany you on your learning journey.

By the way, with the BerlinCaseViewer app on your smartphone, getting started with TikTok is already half done, because just like with TikTok, our content is offered in vertical format. All that’s missing is a simple video editor and a few cool sounds – and learning in TikTok style kicks off.

So far we have 9 short videos of the kind. Some of them can also be found on Instagram as reels. We’ll add new ones going forward. On which topics? You can use the Q&A function to submit requests for the next videos. Give it a try!

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