BerlinCaseViewer Celebrates Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen With a Dedicated Product Series

Clara Gabriel designed the series „Röntgen“ for BerlinCaseViewer.

We are celebrating Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen and the power of visual language with our own product series. Learn more about the artist Clara Gabriel, who is behind the Roentgen design for the BerlinCaseViewer.

In many areas, knowledge is conveyed in images. Visualized information is often more engaging, easier to understand, and so we remember it better. As an expert in the field of radiology, BerlinCaseViewer is all about medical imaging and the graphical editing for interactive courses. Packed in bits. Pocket-sized. All in one app.

Imaging Meets Visual Arts

We show our love of simple, beautiful imagery every day in our app and in our online shop. There, radiology enthusiasts and other inquisitive minds will find cool fan articles on the subject of medical imaging, such as our learning mug, which illustrates the destruction of the sacroiliac joints in axial spondyloarthritis. Freshly in, we are celebrating a special edition by Clara Gabriel, an artist from Wandlitz.

Product Series “Roentgen” for X-tra appeal

Clara designed the “Röntgen” lettering for the BerlinCaseViewer. For this, she drew inspiration from no other than Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen himself. The physicist made bones visible for the first time in 1895 using X-rays. Thanks to him, radiology has an x-tra today, even though new technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography have been added.

Clara first carved the sequence of letters in lino, then printed it and finally edited it on the computer for coloring. The finished design serves as basis for a whole product range, including mugst-shirts and gym bags made from organic cotton in red, green and blue — the colors of our logo.

More About Clara Gabriel

From an early age, Clara Gabriel has had a direct connection to the visual arts. Through her family, she came into contact with various artistic techniques already as a child. For as long as she can remember, she has always kept a sketchbook or notebook. And her greatest inspiration? That might just be her grandfather, who printed, glued or painted entire worlds on paper — from still lifes and faces to landscapes — with different materials. That’s possibly also where her inclination towards the abstract is coming from.

For Clara, creating art comes as natural as breathing or eating. But whether she would take on art professionally, is something she seriously only asked herself after graduating from high school. Her cousin introduced her to the academic major of visual communication course. Another course to spark her interest was communication design. “The concept of communicating something visually to people inspired me to come up with so many new ideas, and I started creating my portfolio.” Beginning this autumn, she will be studying communication design at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. And who knows, maybe we’ll see more prints, drawings and paintings from her soon.

Did it catch your eye? BerlinCaseViewer now shows its brand design in another way, the clothing in our online shop bears our company logo on the inside.

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