The Christmas lecture on axial spondyloarthritis: It’s scrumptious

At the BerlinCaseViewer, we attach great importance to an interdisciplinary approach. By bringing together specialists from areas such as radiology, rheumatology and pulmonology, we facilitate the transfer of knowledge on a topic beyond medical specialities, and you get all-around insights so that you can solve cases even better in the future. Sounds like dry theory? Not in the least! With our Christmas lecture on axial spondyloarthritis, we will show you that interdisciplinary teaching can really be scrumptious. And no, that’s not some half-baked idea.

Radiology and Rheumatology meet Biscuitology

Thinking of a lecture that would not only address the gray cells but also the palate buds, radiologist Kay G. Hermann thought up something crunchy. A great baking contest set the dough ball rolling. On Instagram, the Alliance for Rheumatology started a call for Germany’s next medical Xmas cookie. 

Now one might ask: What does the most beautiful Christmas cookie with medical relevance actually look like? Does an entire dough skeleton fit in the oven? And what ingredients is such a cookie made of for Santa Claus, M.D.? With the BerlinCaseViewer the matter was clear: Under the banner of biscuitology, we would bake sacroiliitis, syndesmophytes and the like. 

Promptly, Kay G. Hermann exchanged the doctor’s white coat for the kitchen apron, transferred his know-how from medical technology to the field of baking instruments, and got to work with a rolling pin and a sharp knife. The Christmas elves swiftly had the right cookie recipe at hand and turned Kay G. Hermann’s laboratory into a cinnamon-scented Christmas bakery. 

Just in time for @r_rhmtlgy’s biscuit show, the medical cookies were ready and, shapely and crispy as they were, claimed the main prize: a small chocolate brain to nourish the nerves just in case your own gray cells should have a weak moment. 

How to enjoy the Christmas lecture

But that was only the beginning. The top medicine cookies received their first commission from the BerlinCaseViewer. The tough job included leading through a lecture. Not all rheumatology cookies were up to the task. You can find out who made it to the end of the lecture and what happened next in the live recording on YouTube, which Kay G. Hermann provided for us.

Has baking fever seized you now too? Then you can of course bake the rheumatology cookies yourself. We have created a Christmas module in our app. In addition to the recipe used and high-resolution photos from behind the scenes, for a small fee, you get explanations on axSpA including overlays showing the lesions. 

Did you enjoy the Christmas lecture? Have you already quizzed your way through the free MSK cases included in Case of the Month module and checked the free COVID module? Then leave a little “Thank You” by scanning the QR code below, by clicking the vertebra, or by clicking here.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your (medical) cookies, and don’t forget: A cookie a day keeps the Christmas stress away.

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